Types of Scooter

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There are 3 types of mobility scooter that we sell at the Used Mobility Scooter Shop

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8 Mph road legal scooter
These scooters are often known as Class 3 or Road Legal Scooters - These scooters are generally the largest, sturdiest and most comfortable of all scooters and can be used on the roads.  Generally these scooters have a speed setting which can reduce the maximum speed down to 4mph for when you are in pedestrian areas such as shopping centres. Please note these scooters although classed as road going are not allowed on motorways, bicycle tracks or bus/ cycle lanes
4 Mph Pavement scooter

These scooters are often known as Class 2 pavement scooters. They as the heading suggests have a maximum speed of 4mph and are not permitted on the roads although often share some of the benefits of road going versions. They are generally larger than the boot scooters with a longer range, a sturdier feel, often a higher carrying capacity and slightly larger seats.

Transportable Mobility scooter


Light and easy to transport, these scooters usually dismantle into a few parts to allow you to stow it in a car boot. You’ll need to make sure that any small scooter you lease can fit easily into your car, and that you, or your carer, are physically able to lift it into the boot easily. These scooters are often made with a lighter frame to make them easier to transport, but this means there is a limit to the amount of passenger weight they can carry and the distance they can travel before the battery needs to be recharged.


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