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Transportable mobility scooter

Light and easy to transport, these scooters usually dismantle into a few parts to allow you to stow it in a car boot. You’ll need to make sure that any small scooter you lease can fit easily into your car, and that you, or your carer, are physically able to lift it into the boot easily. These scooters are often made with a lighter frame to make them easier to transport, but this means there is a limit to the amount of passenger weight they can carry and the distance they can travel before the battery needs to be recharged.

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At the Used Mobility Scooter Shop we have a constantly changing selection of high-quality second hand pavement mobility scooters at massively reduced prices when compared to new. Our scooters are all fully serviced and go through a meticulous inspection process to ensure you get the quality and reliability you’re looking for, minus the depreciation that someone else has paid for! Why pay full price for scooters when many of the models you see below have had very little use - enabling you to regain your independence or trade up from your current pavement scooters. We’re happy to consider part exchanges on all the scooters you see here - just talk to one of our friendly team to find out more.

Our used electric pavement mobility scooters are restricted to 4mph as they’re not designed for on-road use, but provide the comfort and range you need to visit friends, nip to the shops or enjoy your normal daily life. These Class 2 scooters boast ranges up to 20 miles on a single charge, with many of our second hand pavement mobility scooters receiving new batteries as part of our servicing process. We warranty every scooter that we sell and offer extended warranties if you want even greater peace of mind - and we’re confident that we offer the best value for money you’ll find.

Browse our selection below and then call to discuss any of the models you see with one of our team. We’ll be happy to arrange a test drive in your own home, and can locate specific makes and models of scooter, even if you don’t see them here. For more information on any of our used electric pavement scooters call 01323 385800 now.

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